TN: Gruaud Larose 2003

Small accident on opening - my friend's rabbit pushed the cork in causing an explosion of wine coating me and the ceiling. Decanted immediately with the help of a chopstick.

The wine was deep and dark, with a seductive nose promising sweet lush fruit. The wine settled in and was much more together than I had anticipated, with lovely sweet tannins, great balance, and good long finish. It develops a real richness that tells me there is a long long life ahead. Really promising.

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Opened earlier this week:
Decanted for just over 3 hours before having with grilled filet. Had a quick taste before decanting and noticed a good deal of acidity from light red fruit. Aroma is strawberry, plum, and tobacco. Taste hits with some tart red cherry right off the bat and it's tough to get much else out of it. There is a very slight hint of some cocoa that hits after the mid-palate. I wonder about what is going to happen over time with this tartness. Not too tannic, probably about what you would expect from this at the time.
2003 Château Gruaud Larose - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Julien (4/29/2013)

Decanted for 6 hours. Purple black color. Rich and full bodied. Some smoke and tar notes mixed in with the dark berry and cassis notes. Thought this was drinking surprisingly well for being so young. Better than the last time I had it. Of the 10 Gruaud Larose wines I've had, only the 2000 was markedly better (although a few might beat this out slightly). 92-93 points.


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