TN: Chateau La Nerthe CdP 2000

One of four bottles. I will get more.

Decanted for 30 minutes. Good legs on the swirl. Aroma of rasberry, a little baked apple pie and vanilla. Medium body. Taste of black cherry, spice. cocoa and a touch of zin like flavor. Tannins with some bite and staying power and a long polishing finish. Best CdP 2000 I've had. This is built to Age for sure. I will hold till next year on the next one. 93 points

This is a well built CdP from a solid producer in a very good vintage. You'll see these priced all over, but for $24 (what I paid) it is a winner and QPR bingo.
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This is a fantastic wine, one I was able to enjoy just the other night. Firm and racy wine with fantastic body. Left in fridge for three days before revisiting and it was silk. Looking forward to the rest of my bottles and always interested in more.
I said "my next one" to try. My patience is not always my best virtue and I know I will want to try one next year. Big Grin

I mentioned that these were built for aging for sure and they definitely are! Not sure about 10 years. 5 years for perfection would be my guess with this.
Revisited this tonight at a cheese tasting party and it has clearly improved with age. After a one hour decant the tanins are still evident and lively, giving way to subtle spice and a pleasant, velvety texture. An elegance that defines the reason I enjoy wine. This was one of the first CdP that I ever purchased, and I still consider it a favorite.

I will revisit this wine again in several years, but am happy to have been introduced to CdP and I have found that Beaurenard and Boisrenard from Coulin, La Nerthe, Pegau and Guigal have continued to keep me coming back to this region.
I had a bottle this past weekend along with a mag of 1998 Grand Tinel, 1999 Beaurenard Cuvee Boisrenard, and 2003 Perrin & Fils Sinards. I didn't take notes, but it was my wine of the night. My only bottle of this and I think it might still be able to improve.

As for the other wines, the Grand Tinel mag showed signs of seepage. Overall the wine was fine. I've never been overally impressed with the Beaurenard, though this might have been the best its showed. The Sinards was nice. I didn't think the fruit was pruney as I've read in other notes. Jammier than most CdPs, but I think it could come together even better in time. I have one more bottle and will likely hold for a year or two to see what develops.

General scores for the wines would probably be -- La Nerthe 92, Beaurenard and Sinards about 88 and the Grand Tinel 84-85.

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