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I was prepared to be impressed, and while good, I just don't think this style was for me? Lots of mushroom, chalk, mineral, and not enough fruit or grace. This is a burly muscular champagne. I was reading WS's note for the '96 and they described it as "mealy". I thought that was a good word for this as well. I'm sure it has it's fans, but at this price I'd rather have Krug, Bollinger, etc. 91 pts.?
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Drab, always give Clos de Goisses a lot of time, and ALWAYS with food, always.

This is a brutally young Goisses, and from your tasting notes an off bottle perhaps.

I have had cases among cases of Goisses, and never one like your experience.

I have not had the '99, but based on Tanzer (95) and others, your bottle just does not sound typical.
Quite possible? It came from K&L. I bought it to bring to a friends house who appreciates good champagne. I thought it would be fun to try. Most of the notes I've read over in Squires have alluded to this being far more open and approachable compared to the '96. At this price, I'm hesitant to pull the trigger again just to see if you're right about it being an "off" bottle. I would not be interested in cellaring the bottle I had, and based on that I don't plan to buy more. But...I won't turn down someone else's generosity!

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