Oops! Guess I'm not going to win todays' spelling bee! Big Grin

IW brought this over last night for dinner - y'all should be so lucky!

Deep, golden color, silky clear legs. Heady aromas of apricot, melon, spicy oak, all that and more on the palate. Creamy, soft apricot and citrus, sweet-cream butter, juicy acidity, incredible balance and a 25-30 second finish. One of the best Chards I've ever tasted. 95 pts. At $60-65 retail, it's definitely a special-occasion wine but well worth the $$.

Had my last bottle of '97 Babcock Grand Cuvee after this - also a great bottle of chard but not quite up to par w/the Leeuwin.

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Do you mean Leeuwin Winery? The Leeuwin Margaret River Artist Series Chardonnay sounds like what you are describing. I have one bottle of this left and it is one of the best non-Burgundy Chardonnay I have ever had.

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Sorry for mis-spelling, folks!

rmkam; the oak was more on the nose than the palate, and quite subtle at that.

Wow...who would've thunk my 2K post would be a correction.... Roll Eyes

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Originally posted by kybo:
Wow...who would've thunk my 2K post would be a correction.... Roll Eyes

LBig GrinL You can always edit this and write out some major contribution to Western philosophy (before EDIT feature expires, I think it's hours, but maybe days). Otherwise congrats on 2K in general and #2000's ...er...originality... Big Grin Big Grin

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Actually, Gastro, I think I'll leave it as is. It would appear I get more responses to postings if I screw them up...plus, I've got no problem w/self-depricating humor. Just call me the Charbono of the WS UBB - a bit thick skinned but well intentioned.

Guess my contribution to great literature of the Western civilization will have to wait to post no. 3K (insert feverishly-typing fingers graemlin here...)

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IMO this is definitely the best down under chardonnay on the market. I prefer this to the Penfolds Yattarna. The apricot, spicy apple, and whipped butter feel of this wine is certainly one I will not forget. This wine will drink well for another 5-6 years. The finish on this wine is the best part. every sip lasted at least 30 seconds long, with your mind telling you give me more, give me more. I would rate this wine 95pts.


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Yes I got the mineral backbone, but a racy spicy streak that reminded me of a gewurz type spice. Never encountered this in a chard before. Thought it was very distictive.

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