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I have always heard good things about Flora Springs Trilogy over the years but somehow have never tasted it yet. Had last night with filet mignon. Paid $55 at the local regular Thursday night dining spot (half-price wine night). Wine was decanted for about 20 minutes. Showed good dark coloration and thick legs. Nice berry flavors with hints of chocolate. Wine is silky smooth and very nicely balanced with firm well integrated tannins. Drinks very well right now and is my favorite 99 cal cab blend to date. I would rate it 91 points. Will be buying some if I can get it at a good price.
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I have never seen this in my market place and have never ever tried the Flora Springs Trilogy, I understand I am missing out on one heck of a good wine. Finally I saw the 97 in a store Down in Albany the other day, but it was $59.99. I don't know if I am going to swing the price for this. I now have some connections across the state and should be able to get the 99 for a decent price. So we will see, thanks for the TN's tonestar. [Smile]
Looking forward to trying the '99.
KOH, I'm a little surprised you didn't pick up at least a few of the '98's. I thought it was a little soft (lacking depth & complexity) probably high in Merlot with some plum and other red fruits on the nose and palate, maybe anise or licorice on the medium finish. Did we try the same wine? Maybe you didn't try it in the tasting room. I was a lot poorer after the pourer was finished using her Jedi mind trick on me! She was very...hmmm...persuasive.
PS I bought '97 Wild Boar too.
$40 is the upper end of my "normal" range. I liked the '98, so I might really like the '99. At $40 per I think I would buy one, try one. If I like it I'd buy accordingly. [At $50 - $100 I buy what I think I can afford (without tasting)].
Of course this is all predicated on availability. JL lists 5,000 cases as the production for the '98, and 595 for the '99. Me thinks a "0" is missing. I thought the '98 growing season was cool and short, reducing the yields of sometimes unripe fruit. Yes?
Case production should be up slightly for '99.

Better Red Than Not!
$55 at a restaurant is really reasonable. The winery sells it fo $60. There is a Spanish restaurant in Seattle, Fandango, that I heard has half priced nights occasionally. I want to go there and try Unico. Flora Springs invests in a retreat on Malcom Island, B.C., where my good friend is head chef every summer. He gets spoiled on older vintages of their wine. I went to Flora Springs yesterday and would buy lots of the 99 Trilogy for 39.99.
tasted this past week at the Napa tasting room and was not overly impressed for the money. did not jump at me like the '96 & '97 and don't understand the price jump.

on the otherhand, loved the Toad Hall they taste and sell only at the winery. a blend (this year) of Cab and Merlot that is big, bold and beautiful. get it while you can.
this is actually quite tasty!

I think this is good enough to buy because of the spicy notes this guy has, on top of the multiple fruit notes... doesn't seem like it's built to age though. Lowish acidity, and tannins aren't too thick.. but are definitely smooth.. Great wine.... well put together.. I think I'll grab a few more. Rev rates it 90+

Really enjoyed... on the lighter side compared to '96 for sure which I rated about a 95 if I remember back.... others rating it a little higher at the NJ tasting.
Meritage -
These Toad Hall Bottles have large green labels, bottled by Toad Hall Cellars, St Helena, but are shipped in Flora Springs cases.
I was told that the Cuvee Danielle is a second to the Poggio Del Papa, the Cab, Sangiovese, Merlot blend.
The Merlot is a second effort of the FS Napa Merlot.
The Chard is supposed to be the same juice as the FS Estate.
I'm not expecting much for $10....but I'll post regardless.

Who was pouring, and did you try the Wild Boar or the Windfall Merlot?

Better Red Than Not!

I've never seen those other Toad Hall wines, but will ask about them on the next trip. The Toad Hall Bodacious is the one I bought ($40?).

Can't remember the names of the people in the tasting room (both were very friendly and we had a great time). The Wild Boar '98 was very good but a little pricey (I can still get it in Atlanta) and liked the Windfall Merlot, but not as much as the Bodacious.

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