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1998 Rudd Jericho Canyon Red: 1.5 hours after decanting. Extremely dark purple. On the nose with some coaching there are nice dark fruit aromas. The flavor profile is light on oak and cedar and heavy on liquorish, leather, and anise. The finish is quite long and not hampered by encroaching tannins. CN92. This wine is at peak and ready to me, have others had different experiences? I’ve had this twice and I’m holding a couple more, at this point I think RP overrated this wine at 95 and JL was much closer at 91. Glad I only paid around $60 not the $100 retail on this one.

1994 Joseph Phelps Cab. Sauv. Napa: Purchased for $16.03 six and a half years ago. Dark ruby with no evidence of bricking on the rim, casting lost of sediment. Sweet cheery aromas on the nose. On the palate it is a typical aged cab, not dominated by anything in particular and by no means showing real signs of being over the hill. The finish is what really makes this wine; it’s long and multidimensional with lingering blackberry and chocolate framed with subdued sweet tannins. CN91.

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Since no one has commented on the Rudd I think I will. This is a fantastic wine for the vintage. I have found only a few nice wines from the 98 vintage and the Rudd along with the Jones and Viader Tie for my favorite wines of the vintage(please, remind me of what I missed!!!)
The Rudd should certainly be rated in the low nineties but it is quite approachable and fruit forward which may explain the high parker rating. Regardless, this is a fine wine reflecting the commitment to quality at the Rudd estate(You must visit to see for yourself). We will have to follow the track record but I hope this property can be counted on to be good even in bad vintages Smile

What kind of name is Poon anyway?

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