A great Cab from '94, my favorite vintage for Napa Cabs. Had the pleasure of drinking this in PA w/Mr & Mrs DaveMci.
Dark purplish-black. This wine has a thick almost heavy feel to it, deep black cherry fruit, ink(?) and the tannins stand up and deliver, by no means a fruit-bomb. Food with this wine; flesh!
I gotta think this can go the distance.
93-94 Cab pts

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This was the WOTN for me. The wine had no bricking around the edges at all, was extremely well-balanced, while exhibiting a dark fruit profile. I wish I had a bunch of these in my cellar. I also believe these will last at least 10 more years, but why wait?

Thanks for providing PE
Nope...not the 1992....yet.. Eek Cool

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