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RIESLING SPÄTLESE 1990 Hattenheimer Pfaffenberg Schloss Schönborn

Light yellow in color, pale for such an old riesling. Nose of peaches, mineral, somewhat floral. The taste was dissappointing. Very sweet for spatlese, seems to be at the level of an Auslese. Low acidity (might explain the previous). This as lost much of its acidity/racyness. It tasted almost flabby. I've had some 89 spatlese with much more bite and vibrancy. This is over the hill. (Could it be a bad bottle). Score this 83 pts

$ 20.95 CDN
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I agree with you that this was a bit disappointing for an aged riesling, but you may have had a bad bottle. I opened one last night and found notes of pineapple, petrol and lichee nuts. I agree with you that it is quite sweet, but I found it rather mouthfilling with decent length. I'm quite a rookie on Germans, but I enjoyed this one, even if it wasn't quite on par with some of the more impressive ones that I've tried at a couple of TWC offlines. I'd go with about 87 points.
See the difference a vineyard makes.
1990 Schloss Schonborn Geisenheimer Schlossgarten Rheingau Riesling Spatlese
Opened one of these last week for a table of friends. Everyone raved about it. Sweetness was somewhat diminished based on other spatlese I've had recently, but acidity was on a par with it. Didn't take formal notes, but from what I remember, there was plenty of pineapple and lychee to go around, with a nice, crisp finish. 93 pts.
You are correct, I picked them up from Garagiste. I forgot to metion the petrol, as it was present, but not overpowering like I've experienced in some older rieslings. Notably, a '92 Zillken Saarburger Rausch Spatlese that tasted like I was sucking on the tailpipe of a diesel Mercedes, after snacking on its rubber tires. Red Face

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