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What a disappointment! I know Parker isn't wild about this wine and he is right.
One of my friends ordered it last nite at a restaurant without consulting me, but I went along. Well it had absolutely nothing special other than some decent deep red color. From this vintage had expected way more even from Parker's (I believe 89pts).
Don't drink, give it away as I guess it makes for a fun gift.

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I had the 1990 Gruaud Larose two months ago, along with other 1990 Bordeaux: Latour, Lafite, Angelus, La Mission Haut Brion, Troplong Mondot, Montrose, Pichon Baron, Lafluer a Pomerol, and a couple more that slip my mind just now.

The Gruaud was for me Wine of the Night. Some others voted Latour, other LMHB. But it was close either way.

RP scored the 1990 96 points in his latest book, but did not think that much of the 1989.
a friend of mine popped this from his cellar last night and, while it wasn't excellent, i certainly didn't find it as bad as the tone of this thread...

no formal notes, we were just BS'ing over a couple glasses... but i will say that it had relatively attractive appearance, nose & texture... i was somewhat disappointed with the finish, it started out dry & gritty, but that eventually subsided... if i was going to rate it, prob. somewhere in the higher 80's
i guess i just misunderstood everyone... i didn't find it bad either... i just sudo rated the wine what i did mostly because nothing "wowed" me about it. it was a style i could like, but like you said - nothing special. i do remember it being silky, and for awhile very attractive & nuanced on the nose. however, it went away after about an hour & a half to become relatively simple w/ soft cherry fruits... but, i did enjoy it.

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