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Tasted at a Old Vines sponsored tasting at Donna's in Village of Cross Keys,
Baltimore Md . For more info on Old vines' tastings go

1.Terruzi and Puthod Vernaccia 2001. Clear bright yellow. Hints of lemon
and hay, moderate lemony, hazelnut fruity flavors, high acid, good finish.
Vernaccia's never been a favorite except in a tuscan trattoria but this is
one of the best. 84/100 points --Suggested retail $11.

2. Conti Contini Sangiovese 2000. From Count Hugo Bonacossi of Carmignano
who (disclaimer #1) put me up for a night in 1985. 100% sangiovese. Hints
of purple in the colour, intensely fruity nose, hints of moderate oak and
good fruit, a bit short in the finish but made in a very modern clean style.
86/100 Suggested retail $8.49. Very good QPR! I'm sure this wine was
produced in an effort to cash in on the international popularity of the word
"sangiovese" especially in the left coast neo-tuscan boom. Drink now

3. Piazzano Chianti Rio Camerata 2000. This a chianti made from grapes
outside the classico zone, the winery is in Empoli. Bright deep red. Good
fruit flavours in nose. Moderate tannins, evolving fruit.Moderate finish.
Uvaggio 85% sangiovese, 15% Colorino,Canaiolo. Nice finish. 86/100 at $11.
Can hold for 5 years or so. An M.DeGrazia selection. (disclaimer #2, I was
DeGrazia's Maryland agent 1984-1995).

4.Piazzano Chianti Riserva 1997. 1997 is the latest vintage of the century &
only time will tell. Same uvaggio as 2000 normale. Deep red colour almost
garnet. Spicy almost tropical flavours in the mouth, very well balanced
with a good finish. 88/100 at $14. Although this is not a blockbuster its
$30-40 less than a comparable chianti classico. Will age another 10 years
but should be at peak in 3-5. Bravo.(See disclaimer for wine # 3).

More full disclosure:
I thank Nelson Carey for letting an old curmudgeon attend his tasting and
post these notes. I paid for my wine & food. (Cost of $10 includes one of
Donna's appetizers). These tastings occur every Thursday and are very low
key--no one "hawks" the wines being served. Mr. Carey was one of my
favourite customers while I was ITB.

[Smile] [Cool] [Big Grin]

Joe "Beppe" Rosenberg
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