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These were some very highly rated Chardonnays which were brought to Las Vegas last weekend by Pinot Envy and HighDesertWine. Parker and WS love these wines and have given them mid 90 ratings I believe. For anyone who enjoys California Chardonnays, you would have been in Chard heaven. Sadly, that is not me.

I had a half glass of each of them and had trouble finishing what I poured. I kept thinking fruit flavored petroleum and could not fathom any food which would be a good match for me. Not everyone can like every style of wine. Still I was honored that they would share these special bottles with me and I will go on trying Cal Chardonnay when it is offered (who knows my palate may change some day). No need to score them.

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VM Thanks for the notes. It's funny how we can judge certain wines based on the identity of the poster. I'll take your recommendation on Rieslings and Italian wines every time. And when you say that a California Chardonnay is not to your liking, it's almost as strong a recommendation for me. And I mean that in a good way. Pinot Envy likes it. Highdesertwine likes it. VM doesn't care for it. I know exactly what's in store, even without a detailed note. Ahhh. The beauty of this board.
And thanks for not scoring them. I think it is better to say that they were not your cup of tea than to give them 67s. The folks over at Patz & Hall are probably still reeling from that one.
We definitely had a great selection of chards.. .. if you like great fat buttery lively bright fruit driven Cali Chardonnay. If you prefer the subtle nuance of stone and the trace minerality of a White Burg, these luscious California beauties are probably not to your liking Wink

so, the 2002 Hobbs RRV and the '00 Hobbs Agustina were my favorite! Both are better than any of the '01 PH Chards including the '01 Agustina. The Lewis is also definitely a winner and I will purchase that one in quantity. Both the Lewis and the P. Hobbs had very similar profiles.

Geez, I almost sound like I like Chardonnay!
....what happened? Roll Eyes Wink

"From wine what sudden friendship springs!"

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