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I popped my first and didn't finish it yet, but it is very excellent and nicely balanced... with even a little herbaceous note... the kind you want in a cabernet. It's got character and isn't overdone. Maybe the best cab I've had at the price level.

I think the chardonnay/haut tubee mailer comes out this month. I drool thinking about the chard (except for the one flawed bottle). I'm not at Mark Jahnke levels yet, but I am becoming more and more of a fan each release.
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LOL at my shout out here Lentini! Too funny!

I have yet to try any of the '07 cabs yet, and they are still in there shipping boxes and buried in the cellar somewhere. Definitely looking forward to trying them, but giving them more time to settle down.

Picked up everything I could on futures, and took a case of the syrah, pinot, and Haut Tubee. Also took a mag of each.

I find it impossible to find a better QPR than Stefania, and cannot say enough good things about them. Some may disagree, but if I were making wine, I would make them just like these! Paul and Stef definitely make wines that appeal to my palate. -mJ
You hit the nail on the head either. I can't tell you how many times I've grabbed cabs at 2-3 times the price, with age on them even, and said to myself, "I should have grabbed a Stefania."

I am super excited to see how these age, but I tell ya, they drink so damn good young! I buried my last 3 of the '05 Uvas Creek in my cellar just to see how they age, and have 9 pf the '06's left, along with a case of the '07's.

I've yet to meet anyone that these wines didn't appeal to. Keep up the good work Paul and Stefania! -mJ
Btw, last night was the third night I had this bottle open, and it was really singing on Day 3. Day 2 it almost seemed more tannic than I remembered on Day 1, but Day 3 was softened and the most enjoyable of the three days. This wine should give years of pleasure.
2007 Stefania Cabernet Sauvignon Chaine d' Or Vineyard - USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Santa Cruz Mountains (1/23/2011)
This was rather disappointing tonight. 2 hour decant. Initially, if served blind I would have guessed that this was a Niagara red from a warm year. The nose was all smoke and green pepper (would have sworn it was underripe Cab Franc). Poured one glasss and finally, at around the two hour mark, some red fruit started to emerge, but that green pepper note never went away. In the mouth, tannic and lacking some fruit, but there was some really nice acidity that makes me think this is simply going through an awkward phase and needs. No rating due to the disjointed nature of ths bottle, but this was night and day from the last bottle I had which I really enjoyed.

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  • 2007 Stefania Cabernet Sauvignon Chaine d' Or Vineyard - USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Santa Cruz Mountains (8/5/2012)
    My first Stefania and i am hooked. This has awesome balance, all components (fruit, acidity, tannins) in great harmony and the picture in mind is a DNA helix. All those linkages working together intertwined to make something Incredibly tasty. I love the contrast to the typical Napa big oaky cab, this is medium to full bodied, blackberries, red currants and barely percetible oak, you know its there but yet it is barely noticeable. At 5 years the tannins are smooth rounded and mouthfilling which screams grilled rib eye as pairing. (91 pts.)

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Was grilling ribeyes tonight and saw Merengue's note and thought "that's the ticket" and popped one for myself. In total agreement with the assessment.

2007 Stefania Cabernet Sauvignon Chaine d' Or Vineyard - USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Santa Cruz Mountains (8/6/2012)
Mostly dark red fruit of currants and cherry and a little blackberry, medium to full body with medium acidity that creates a nice lift on the finish. Not an overripe style as exemplified by the 14.1% alc. I felt the tannins could still use a bit more aging even after getting 2+ hours of air, but still drank well and is a very nice wine, especially at its <$30 price. Another winner from Paul. (91 pts.)
Originally posted by otisabdul:

The '07 CdO reminds me very much of a Pessac-Leognan. My nickname for it is "Chaine d'Brion" because of its interesting minerality. You won't regret opening one. I think it's more ready to drink than the '07 SCM.

My best to M-R!



Thanks, buddy! I'll hold the SCM and try the "Chaine d'Brion" Smile Best your better half, too!
Popped and poured.

Herbacious notes blended with some dried ginseng, fine crushed white pepper.

On the mouth, black dried cherries, a surprising cab franc note, smooth body finishing with a tart cranberry chocolate cobbler.


feels like the wine shut down and is currently in a dumb phase.

Some air did it good, but everything tasted like dried fruits.

Will wait on the other 11 bottles.
I had this tonight. Decanted and began drinking right away over the course of 3 hours. At first, it showed a lot of pine that was a bit off-putting. It also seemed that the taste on the palate was a bit thin. However, after aboout an hour or more, it seemed to come together. Nice berry fruit on the aroma and taste, but it does seem to stop short at the mid-palate. Based on the shortness, I'm a bit confused as to what it's life ahead will be like.

I checked my note on the bottle from just about exactly 2 years ago and it seemed nearly the same, except that it took more time (around 3 hours) to come around at that point.

Opened my last bottle of this on Friday. Decanted and drunk over two nights.  This is a big and brooding cab, even at 12 years of age. It was not all that enjoyable on the first night so we kept half of it in the decanter until the next night. Much better. Still a big chewy wine with dark fruit and a hint of green. J said green pepper, I say eucalyptus although not as pronounced as say Don Melchor.

If I had more, I'd hold for a few more years.

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