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I was excited to open one of these basically on arrival, as I've been trying to be good NOT to open the couple of Quilceda Creek cabs I have... I've been dying to try them and I figured this might scratch my itch.

Boy, it did. What a great QPR... I can't believe I'm saying that about a Quilceda Creek wine. This was so good with such good complexity and balance and a super finish. For the price ($35), I think this is one of the best cabs I've had. Actually, it's Cab, Merlot, Cab Franc, and Malbec (72/20/6/2 percent, respectively).

So I'll amend to this: It's one of the best new world cab-based wines I've had for that price.
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I didn't decant, but drank slowly over a few hours. It showed good stuff pretty immediately, though.

I kept hearing comments about how QC cabs need time. I am a tannin-fan, but I've been trying to keep my hands off. I can't afford too many of the expensive ones.

But heck, what's one DRAB between friends?

I definitely plan to up my quantity of Red Wine purchased next time.

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