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  • 2005 Quinta de Viluco Syrah Qv - Chile, Central Valley, Maipo Valley (5/23/2008)
    This is a great bargin for less then $13 a bottle. Color is a deep dark Ruby red, on the nose a bit earthy, with plenty of dark fruit and a bit of spice. In the mouth this is not your over the top Aussi Syrah I have become used to but is a more old world reserved Syrah. Flavors of Plum, cherry, and blackberry along with a spicy finnish that lasts for 30+ seconds. With the amount of tannins this wine has I think this will drink well over the next 3-4 years. (90 pts.)

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Looks like I will need to be on the look out for that, here is JM's Tn on the de Viluco

"Dark, ripe and rich, with lots of plum sauce, licorice and spice cake flavors. There's also plenty of fresh acidity and floral hints to keep this going through the creamy finish. Drink now through 2008. 900 cases made. –JM (drink by 2008) 90 points
  • 2005 Quinta de Viluco Syrah Qv - Chile, Central Valley, Maipo Valley (7/9/2008)
    This is the 4th bottle of the 5 I bought and they all have been a great wine. More reserved then most new world Syrah's yet still very new world. WS says "drink by 2008" but I think this will go for several more years before it starts to go downhill. Dark red/purple color, nose is a bit Earthy and fruity while in the mouth this wine has plenty of dark fruit (cherry, blackberry...) and spice. Medium mouth feel with a great finish that lasts for 30+ seconds. 30 minutes in a decanter does this wine well. 89 - 90 PTS. (90 pts.)

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Actually, it says "Drink now through 2008", so you have a few more months before it instantly explodes like a Mission: Impossible case file...

But seriously, my drink recs tend to be conservative, particularly for wines with no track record.

They are also meant as a guide for when the wine will stay in a peak window. No, the wine won't start going downhill immediately after 2008, but I doubt the wine will evolve significantly with aging much beyond that.

Development of additional complexity in bottle is much, much different than simply enduring in bottle. Many wines, if well stored, will last a long time but won't necessarily evolve into something that's both different and better...the 40 year drink windows I see bantered about in some quarters for such wines are a little head scratching IMO...

Thanks for the response. While I also don't see this wine getting better over the next few years I do not see it going downhill in two to three years either.

Glad to know about your being conservative on wines with no track record. There is a wine critic over on eBob that gives long drinking windows to new wines and like you it confuses me a bit.

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