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Pretty light straw color. A bright fruitiness gives a good first impression. Seemed well made with just enough balancing acidity. A fine chardonnay*. 89+pts.

* Made in the typical Cali oaky style. Pride has reduced the amount of new oak used, supposedly, since the 2004 vintage. And the oakiness seemed to me to be on a quiet reasonable level, relatively speaking. But it is still too oaky for my tastes. I don't know why Cali chard makers are nuts for the oak. I prefer a Kistler style chard, where you taste the wine and not the barrel.
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I'm new to the Pride Mailing list... got on for the Spring and Fall 2006 offers. I wanted to try out their style (DRABbing them young) before buying in quantity, so I ordered just a bottle each of the Merlot, Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, and Chard.

I liked the Merlot 91pts worth, and haven't opened the Cab Franc yet.

For the most current release (getting to your question finally), I did try the Cab and thought it was very good. 90pts from me. I had it with my father and mother and even my pregnant wife had a sip, and they all liked it a lot. It could improve with bottle age I figure.

Tasting them young, I preferred the Shafer '03 (92pts) and the Neal '03 (92+pts), but that's not a fair comparison since those had more age on them and different vintage.

But life's not fair and I'm on a limited budget, so I'm probably not ordering from Pride anymore. Their chard style isn't my favorite and I like other Cabs slightly more. But they make excellent wines and I think most people would like both the chard and Cab Sauv more than I did.

the Pride wines have little to none bottle life you drank i to soon!
i tryed their Viogner when we were at the tasting room, i didnot like it but my wife did even after we were told that it had just been bottle!
we bought 2
9 months later we had a bottle it was kick a$$!
it was the 04. called to get more sold out! i hunted it down an bought 6 more bottles!
pride is a nice treat!
I finished the last third of a bottle of the Chard last night... It really is a good wine. Still more oak than _I_ like, but most will love it. My score is up to 90-91. (I gave the '03 Hudson Vineyard Kistler Chard 93pts and the '04 Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch 90pts for reference.)

It was excellent. Price isn't bad for a mailing list chard, either. $37 I think it was.

I figure you're right, Bez... My methodology of DRABbing these mailing list wines isn't the best way to evaluate them. I just want an early impression so I can focus my purchases a little more next year.

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