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  • 2004 Las Rocas de San Alejandro Calatayud Garnacha Viñas Viejas - Spain, Aragón, Calatayud (1/19/2007)
    Dark ruby color. Nose of leather, dark cherry liquer, black licorice and some smoke. Cherry palate with a charcoaly infused finish. Midpalate is a bit lacking, but for $15 - this wine is a no brainer. (90 pts.)
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Originally posted by Board-O:
I've had several of the '03. What's the future for the '04?

This is MA, you never find a good deal on wines here. I actually paid $16 for it... ($15.99)

But it definitely has some nice structure to it (no drawn blood though, so greend might want to stay away lol) - tannin is very fine.

With a splash decant, it drank very well - though I think it will be best before 2010.
I had the 2004 Las Rocas Garnacha regular bottling today. Immediate, very intense strawberry running through to the somewhat short finish, plenty of tannin (and lots of alcohol!), dried cherry at the end. Not thick or cloying like some of the threads I have read. Definitely a food wine! 88 points on my scale, FWIW.

Well worth the money...

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