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  • 2004 Etude Pinot Noir Heirloom
    Poured straight from bottle. Intoxicating strawberry, cherry and raspberry aromas intermix with spices. It's a pinot you cant get your nose out of - and when you do, the smell wafts its way around the room. Super silky tannins, abundant berries on the palate and a minute long finish make this one of the finest Etude pinots I've tasted. (93-95) (93 pts.)

Researching the clones used in this pinot, will report back once I learn more...
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What's in "Heirloom"?:

Could be partially Pommard, but I'd guess that it more likely includes Mt. Eden, Martini, perhaps Swan, maybe Calera / Chalone clones, and could be UCD 9, 16, or 29, which I believe are also known as the "Jackson Clones"... from the oldest known plantings of PN in California.

Generally these have become known as the "hierloom clones", since they have some history-- in the case of Mt. Eden and Jackson there is A LOT of history... by U.S. standards.

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