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Golden yellowish hue, nose of sweet exotic fruit like pineapple and mango with amazing complexity. Not acidic given the vintage but not cloying at all. Very precise, very structured and very refined, in spite of the hot vintage. Delicate balance and a superb Yquem. Wow!! Long long long finish. This was still on my palate hours after drinking(or could be my mind playing tricks on me, had a lot to drink that night.)97+
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Originally posted by steve8:
Now you're being stingy! Only 14 points between this and that Bourdy???

I'd really have to try the 03 and the 01 side by side to be certain, but to my memory this was almost as good. And the 01 was perfection or at least as mind defines it wrt a glass of wine.

I don't think 97+ is stingy! lol.
I've had this twice from half and it consistently shows very good but not superb and very young when first opened, and then transitions to superb, nearly perfect, still very young 1-3 days later. I think it needs a lot of time.

The 01 is a wine I've only had once, so I simply have fewer data points. I think there are many other '01s that will drink better now, but I have no doubt it will one day overtake them. (Don't open them now!)

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