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This wine was shared with me tonight by a very generous friend as it was his birthday and mine is coming up soon. We also shared a glass of '96 Dom Perignon which was singing.

  • 2003 Château Cos d'Estournel - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Estèphe (11/5/2008)
    Opened and tasted. Poured and drank 2 hours later. Deep purple color with coffee, black currant, blackberry, vanilla and some sweet wood on the nose. On the palate there are concentrated, very tight black fruits, tobacco, a touch of mint/eucalyptus was very prominent. The tannins were actually in check at this young age and the balance on the wine is near-perfect. A baby by all means, I wouldn't open this until at least 2020 and enjoy it as long as the wine lasts! This rating is based on the wine as it is today- I foresee this becoming something very, very special with due time. (95 pts.)

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  • 2003 Château Cos d'Estournel - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Estèphe (8/19/2011)
    Decanted in the glass for a period of over one hour. The nose offers classic Bordeaux nuances coupled with flowers and cigar box. The palate offers everything I want in Bordeaux. Amazingly ripe fruit while still maintaining classic character. I am not sure what the controversy is about this wine – it is not over the top at all. For lack of a better descriptor; the wine simply tastes delicious and is special while maintaining its sense of place. The finish is lengthy - full of cigar and delicious fruit, all coupled with round tannin. Delicious wine, and re-enforces my love of Bordeaux. Worth the price; I need to backfill. Drink with a decant or continue to hold for 10+ years. (94 pts.)

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I've also had this wine a few times and enjoyed it each time, but the flavor profile fits my palate. I preferred the 05 to this one by a slight margin in a side by side environment. My guess is the controversy stems from its flamboyance and more new world stylings.
Maybe back in 2005 this was controversial, but I wonder if this wine style is more common in the 05 and forward vintages.
Originally posted by mitPradikat:
I'm amazed people are drinking these $300-$400 Cos d'Estournels so early! 2003 I can see, but the 2005 already? Oh well, as long as it showed well for you.

The side by side tasting was at Cos event with Mr. Prats.

The wine was reealllyy good and preferences were split down the middle between 03 and 05. Compared to the 00 I wouldn't have guessed these were from the same chateau.
according to my chicken scratch (3.10):

01 - Richer, much younger and fresher than the '00. Not as much tannin, but still balanced. Preferred this to the '00. Dark. ( I do recall hoping to trade my couple of 00's with someone for their 01's)

'04 - muscular, very cab sauv. Tannin (soft??), but the stuffing is there to become something 5-10 years from now. Suggest putting it in mag. decanter the night before and sleep on it. Smile (sounds like the alcohol was getting to me at this point)

All wines were from 750s, popped and poured with little chance for air.
Originally posted by Lentini:
I bought a 2000 today for $129. Too bad I didn't buy it on futures. Should I hold that just as long as the 2003, you think?

Longer IMO Lentini....little late on the response. I am not too sure of the 03's longevity to be honest...but do feel the 2000 is more my "style" and will be a nice wine some day, maybe at age 15 it will start to show? Have yet to crack and 05'...will let you know in about 15 yrs

2003 Château Cos d'Estournel- France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Estèphe (6/20/2018)[/i]

Opened by Redhawk. From the hot 2003 vintage in Bordeaux. First time I have had the 2003. Not decanted. Some slight bricking around the edges of this wine. Notes of pencil lead, leather, oaky red fruit and currants. Firm tannins that need time. Wait until 2023 to open this full bodied wine as it will improve. 92-93+ points.


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