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I am sure there are a bunch of other threads started about this wine but I DON'T CARE!!!!!!

  • 2002 Match Cabernet Sauvignon Butterdragon Hill - USA, California, Napa Valley, St. Helena (9/13/2006)
    Had this from a 375ml bottle, opened and poured into a decanter for 30 minutes. The color is dark reddish to ruby; the nose is outstanding with chocolate, dark fruit and spice. This just opens up in the mouth with dark cherry, chocolate, blueberry and a small amount of spice with a lingering finish of 40-45 seconds. This wine is very well balanced with medium tannins and nice acidity. This wine should only get better with a few more years in bottle, way to go Randy for such a nice fun wine. I want to brush my teeth with this wine. (94 pts.)

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I took a mixed bag of 6 wines with me to dinner with a bunch of relatives last week. No plan, and an impromptu choice of restaurants. The last wine we tasted was the Match.

Needless to say, this wine sang. It had been open for about an hour before we got to it and when it was poured my wife's cousin's husband, (hey it was an extended family gathering) who was sitting next to me, and who is not a big wine nut immediately perked up and said, what is that, it smells great? Wonderful nose of berrys, spices and coacoa.

The wine has definitely mellowed since I last tasted it 4 years ago. Well balanced, a little lighter than many Napa Cabs. Nice fruit, plums and blackberry, with some leather, smoke and roasted beef notes. A very long and satisfying finish. This bottle definitely reenforced my opinion that these wines are best with 5 to 8 years of age on them.

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