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I know I've read about this on several other threads, but I had to post my own tasting notes!

This was decanted only about 30 minutes prior to serving. Deep purplish hue. Penetrating nose showing boysenberry, spice and sweetish wood. Tasted slightly hot (showing its 15.5% Eek), but balanced with very Shiraz-like flavors of pepper, licorice, huckleberry, green tea and a hint of smoke. Great mouthfeel and a good finish. It's all held together with a creamy sweetness. 91+ points.

I was very surprised when I went to brush my teeth at how dark my tongue was! This even threw a nice chunk of sediment in the decanter. Excellent QPR!

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DRAB: Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful for the note. Otherwise I wouldn't have read it in the first place. It's just that BRR concedes that he has read notes in other threads. Thus, he knows that they exist. Yet he felt that he "had" to start a new thread. It just comes off as a bit self-important. If everyone did this, we'd have 65 individual threads on every wine.

Sorry if I overreacted.
who cares if we have 65 individual threads on every wine

It would make searching for notes on a particular wine very cumbersome and time consuming, and hence, this site would be much less user-friendly. To the extent possible, the TN section should be a library of notes that trace the evolution of a wine over time. Often threads drift, and it is necessary to start a new thread. But that should be the exception, not the rule.
OK. Just this once! Cool

geo t. 8/3/03

VinoMe’s TAA from 8/14/04

Brettay 1/15/04

tracizuni 2/21/04

ajanj 3/28/04

melman 4/6/04

And of course, this one. (But of course, this thread has now drifted sufficiently such that someone will need to start a new thread on this topic! Big Grin)

I only had time to search the words "Philips" and "Phillips", and did so only in the "Tasting Notes" forum. The phrase "MP" turns up nothing, although that is probably just a glitch with the engine, because I know that people refer to this wine with that shorthand. And I only included threads where the 2002 Shiraz was the focal point of the post, or part of a concentrated tasting of like wines.
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g-man posted:

I 've got a bottle in my cellar too that i opened last month.  My bottle tasted like the fruit bomb it was when i recall drinking it many years ago!  but yea, sweet alcohol definitely still there

g-man  Ditto.  Still have a couple of these Marquis Phillips in the cellar.  Didn't like the bomb so much when last tastes in 2010.  Just doesn't appeal to my taste.  Maybe I'll just pop one to get rid of it, or be surprised on a taste delight.  If not, either use for cooking or drain cleaner.

These are so of the last Aussie [from any label] I have in the cellar

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