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  • 2002 Juslyn Vineyards Perry's Blend - USA, California, Napa Valley (6/30/2008)
    Bought on sale for $20.
    Powerful nose of cherry, plum with hint of cedar and cassis. Full body, velvety, med tannins, med acidity, fruits and chocolate, it is a well made wine but lacks secondary aromatics. Ok length.
    Overall very fruit forward and certainly doesn't worth the $50 full retail price. (88 pts.)

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I had my first of two bottles of this probably last fall or so. I was similarly underwhelmed, probably would have gone mid 80s with a score. Nothing bad about it, but it was just a lot of wood, pretty modest black fruit, and lacking in charm. I had bought them for very cheap ($25 or $30, I think), but it still turned out not to be a very good buy at that price; I'd be pretty sorely disappointed at the full tariff.

I have the other one sitting there, either to see if it gets better with time (seems doubtful, but not impossible), or maybe as a generic gift to someone who won't care.

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