This wine is a FANTASTIC DEAL. I tried 3 2002 German Rieslings this Saturday (the others from Balthasar Ress and Monchoff) and this is the only one I bought. Machmer does not have a great reputation but he is known as a good value oriented producer. Over the last 5 years I have tried a handful of his wines from this Rheinhessen producer (probably 5-7 total) including a 1998 Eiswein and this wine was by far the best.

In 2002, Marcus Machmer picked his Gewurztraminer from the Stein vineyard at 105 Oeschle and declassidied it into this Spatlese. 105oe should put this wine at the upper end of Auslese ripeness! Despite this wine being served a tad too warm, I was impressed. Typical Gewurz spiciness and flavor profile. The sweetness was nicely balance by the acidity. Wonderful full mouth feel that you could sink your teeth into. 89-91 points.

Oh, did I mention the price, $8.

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Vino Me came over for dinner last night and brought this little gem over to the house.

I concur with VM's notes. this is a fantastic value. Ebullient ripe fruity nose of fresh peaches and pears. Splashes out on the palate with a smooth tongue-coating array of stone fruits. Acidity is in the background, but sturdy enough to hold everything together. One to drink now and enjoy. 90P.



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