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This is the first time that I have had a Chardonnay from the super-cult winery, David Arthur.

Dark straw color. Initial whiffs of what reminds me of acetone were off-putting. It blew off somewhat, but that strange odor persisted. The wine is weighty and complex enough, with toffee, hazelnut, butter, and ripe pear slowly unfolding. It gained a bit of focus with aeration and food.

Still, in a sea of high-priced, great Chardonnays, this one deserves to be at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.
Cost: $35
Rating: 80 points

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I agree with your evaluation of this wine. I have tried every vintage (I believe) of their Chardonnay and did not like any of them.

My long standing question remains, why continue to make a Chardonnay when no one (that I have ever met) likes it!

Several years ago when visiting the winery, Bob and David were talking about trying different types of French Oak in an effort to improve the wine, but since that time there has been no discernable improvement in the quality of the wine Roll Eyes .

I say stick with the red varietals, as they can be terrific!

I totally agree with your thoughts on the DA Chardonnay. One way to make this wine more enjoyable is to put it in the fridge so it is really cold thus dulling the flavors. Then take it out on to the porch and watch the sunset(which are great here in Montana). If it is really warm add an ice cube or two. If you have some red wine open, heck, add some of that as well. Add a cigar and that wine will taste better than any white Zin you've ever had. Cool
I actually thought that I had a bad bottle when I tasted this about a year ago. It almost tasted oxidized, but then I saw other notes which described the exact same thing. I would expect more from DA.

The 2001 on the other hand was quite nice (however still not worth the price). I had that wine with a butternut squash soup and it was a great pairing.


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