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thelostverse brought this to our off-line Thursday at Mykha's. Given the 93P rating that it just received in Wine Spectator, we were all very eager to try it. It did not disappoint.

My brief notes indicate that it was loaded with luscious blueberry and boysenberry flavors and aromas. Great velvety mouthfeel. Loads of silky tannins and a long finish. I even thought it evoked similarities to the '01 Neal Cab, but more approachable and maybe not as intense. Delicious. 92P.

It is taking all of my restraint to avoid saying that it is very worthy of its high rating. Razz D'oh! Couldn't hold back.

Thanks for sharing this TLV!


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Funny you should post on this today as we just got done with a bottle tonight. Second bottle I have had and I love the stuff! Both times, I rated it 92+2 for value. This is a great cab for the money. If I spent $50 I would not be upset. The only thing I can add to your TN is that it has a very interesting mid-palate that gives it an added dimension. Great intensity over all. Just great juice!

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Apparently the magazine has a misprint because in the internet hot wines they wrote: "Run, don’t walk, for this wine at this price. Complex, fruity and perfumed aromas lead to rich, elegant blackberry and black cherry, with touches of herb and olive and pretty, toasty oak flavors that make for a smooth, enticing aftertaste. Impeccably balanced, with a long, focused finish. A second label for Axios (which means “worthy” in Greek), made by Bob Egelhoff. Drink now through 2012."
Ya wanna hear a shocker - it ain't made by Bob Eglehoff!! I heard that from the Bob's own lips. I was at David Arthur on Monday (unbelievable tour/day! To call David a gracious host does not do him justice, but that is another story) and Bob Eglehoff shows up, ends up spending 3 + hours with us and he and I talk quite a bit during that time. I told him how much I enjoyed the worthy, and he just laughed and said - "I did not make that wine; Wine spectator mis-printed that". Eek Bob went on to say that it is true that it is made from the castoffs for Axios, but he is not the wine maker for it. FWIW, Bob told me that the Axios blows the Worthy away, despite the score being a point lower.

Thought you would like to know!

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Just opened my first bottle tonight, glad I have 17 left Big Grin

Decanted for two hours before tasting, dense dark purplish black in color, this wine offers up abundant aromas of cassis, blackberries, blueberries, white flowers, and leather. Plush and a little spicy on the palate, the wine is ripe and warm, with soft fine tannins spreading across the palate and delivering layer after layer of black fruits. Terrific depth of flavor, with firm tannins that will benefit from a few years of rest to settle in and integrate. 92+ points, drink 2006-2010.

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Popped one of these last night. What color! Beautiful, saturated purple tinged ruby. No sediment as I decanted (with the exception of just a skosh into my glass). This small taste gave off a subdued but curiously dense aroma of dark berries. Lucious blackberry and sweet oak masked (for now) with tough tannins.

After 2 hours in the decanter, the wine had softened remarkably for such a short time! Soft edges all around. Nose showcased a beatiful and unmistakeable floral note, a nice topnote to the plum, cassis and light herb notes. On the palate, a very pretty and balanced combination of rich plum, kirsch and subdued oak glided across my mouth. Notes of cassis and huckleberry on the long, silky finish. Rich, tasty and quite satisfying.

92+ points! Big Grin

Drank a bottle of this over 2 days recently. Harshly tannic on first taste this wine softened enough to be approachable after 2 hours. Finished the last glass 24 hours later, where it was drinking quite well. Softer and more accessable without losing any of it's power. Would reccomend long decanting if drinking in the next year or so. Very good stuff.

I have tried this wine about 4 times since release. After each of my first three, I keep saying lets see it in another year. It is finally getting past its heavy tannic stage and fruit is beginning to come alive. The cedar streak has begun to fade a little making this quite enjoyable. I still think this could use more time to become something really special.

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