TN: 2001 Steltzner Cab Sauv (Stag's Leap District)

Purchased for $23, not decanted.

Deep red color, almost purple. This has a tremendous nose of sweet cassis with great minerality tending toward herbal but not green. Very young in the mouth this wine has great deep fruit with a little spicyness, a touch of chocolate and black licorice. The finish is terrific and long, but this is still pretty tight.

I love this wine, and would give it 92+pts with aging potential. It is a QPR A and I will buy a case to stick away. This reminds me more of bordeaux than of cali cab (which is why I like it so much). There's none of that sweet syrupy oak that cheap Cali cabs usually throw at you, this one is all class!

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry, this is abuse.
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Grossie, you are right on with this.

Ironically (before I read your notes), my guy at my store grabs me when I walked in yesterday and says "get this" and hands me this wine. $23 (he says it will go up). Has 3 cases and would hold one for me.

I had it last night, went back today and bought my case. $21 with the discount. Big wine, low price. I'll be real interested in the WS rating on this. Price will jump for sure, if the rating will be as good as I'd expect.
I've been a fan of Steltzner's wines for a while now. Their wines don't usually get rated, and when they do, they receive less than stellar reviews (can't figure out why). They make a Barrel Select Cabernet in outstanding years (1995, 1997, 1999, 2001) that is a truly amazing wine...can't wait to get my hands on the '01.

"...and cloaked with wine I'll tell you that you're great."

We have one of the '99s left... didn't seem to have much aging potential... more fruit-forward, especially for the vintage. Maybe they changed styles... and it sounds like it's for the better. This cab is $35 in Ohio. Pretty much nobody received the '99 here... don't remember seeing the 2000, and now saw a decent amount of the '01 pop onto the shelves. Thanks for the note, grossie.


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Mister Q,

I'd hold them for a couple years, but opening and decanting one now wouldn't be a crime. It didn't have overwhelming tannins. As Grossie's note says, the aroma is incredible. An even better alternative is to get their lower priced 01 Claret while you're given the Cab some time to round into form. Think of the Claret is a smoother, earlier drinking version of the Cab. It also has a tremendous nose.

No problemo Mango.

I opened my second bottle of the cab 2 nights ago and enjoyed it immensely over the past 2 nights. I can't say enough good things about this wine!

This gets a strong buy recommendation. I may have to get more, one case might not be enough!

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry, this is abuse.
This gets a strong buy recommendation. I may have to get more, one case might not be enough!

I'm with you. Holding most of my case over the next 2 years or so will be almost impossible. This baby is winking at me everytime I pass them. Have had 2 out of my 12 so far (only 1 week held). Those numbers don't look good over the long haul.
Third bottle opened tonight (10 left). This one was earmarked for early drinking.

I am still in awe of this wine. So round and lush, I actually don't notice the minerality as much now (this bottle has been sitting non-temp controlled since early May). Very deep and dark. The fruit is up front, and the oak is not obtrusive. Beautiful, probably 93-94pts, and those of you who know me know that I don't give out 94s very easily.

I will likely buy more to stick away now that the cellar is done(and maybe to drink now too!).

Who loves you, baby?
i had this tonight for the 1st time, and while no formal notes, i will say it was enjoyable. it reminded me of Caymus slightly (a compliment) and was very smooth & full bodied... a tremendous amount of crystalites (sp?) layered the cork! wouldn't argue with a lower 90's score with potential for improvement. i'm buying 6 to lay down @ $24.99 ea
Actually, K, it's the second time that you should buy more (try it first, then go back for the case).

FWIW I think the 02 is worth the same score range, and that's what's hitting the shelves here now. Terrific wine at a terrific value. I haven't picked up my case of 02 yet, but I will very soon.
Grossie, how right you are, I mis-spoke. True meaning was as you depicted in this order: Buy one to try, yummy, now buy some because you like it. Error of my ways = buy enough now that you know you like it! Someday I'll learn Big Grin


ps thanks for the heads up on the '02
i popped the 2nd to last bottle i have of this tonight to have with Tri Tip

popped & decanted (a must!) with loads of now purple! crystalites on the cork & sediment in the bottle... a little watery in appearance, prob showing some age... dark fruits initially on the nose followed by a healthy dose of alcohol, this wine is fading fast! muted and bland on the palate, there's some fruit there, but the body & weight are just gone with almost no tannins & a little alcohol & acidity showing on the finish to accompany some tobacco notes... i just dont think this wine is sleeping because of the lack of structure & the prevailing green/hot (14.4%) finish... drink up if you have it!

I'll try another soon, but I'm sorry to say I can't believe that this wine is fading so quickly. It's not conceivable that it's that dead this quickly. I would propose that either you had a flawed bottle, or your palate wasn't aligned right (eg spicy food).

I will pull one out soon to judge for myself, I have 10 left, and I'm still happy about that.
grossie -

i can def. tell you it wasnt food or my palate being off (at least more then it usually is Razz), but this is now the 2nd bottle in a row now that has had these characteristics so i felt comfortable about stating my opinion of the wine...

i should reitterate slightly

the wine didn't taste bad, and actually was better with a little cheese, it's just not what it used to be. and because the last 2 have had the sensation of a wilted body w/ almost no tannin & structure, i'm wondering...

i also have 2 bottles left of the 01' SLD Merlot i'm anxious to try now
  • 2001 Steltzner Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley, Stags Leap District (5/21/2006)
    I was coerced into opening this by Kumazam, who posted a note and seemed to think this was fading fast.

    Still dark red, bordering on purple, and moderately opaque, I can see through it when the pour is low, but not a full glass. Expressive but not sweet nose- cassis, minerals, a little pepper. Quite full-bodied, it's got a wonderful attack, a beautifully full mid-palate, and I find it finishes pretty tight still. As I enjoy this wine after dinner I keep coming back for more sniffs and mouthfulls. It's never sweet, or in-your-face, it slowly builds and pleases me more the more I drink it. Nine more to go, I'll start having them periodically, but I'd like to make 3 or 4 go another 10 years, just to see what develops. (92 pts.)

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