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A search revealed no stand alone tasting note for this wine. Confused

45 Case production, second wine from Herb Lamb Vineyards. It's a consolation prize for those of us not on the "A" list. My allocation was a grand total of two (2) bottles.

Color: Dark purple and nearly opaque in the light of the laptop computer and the 40 watt bulb in the lamp.

Nose: Dry earth with a hint of violets and spice. Somewhat muted.

Taste: Blackberry jam with some of the sugar left out. Round and supple tannins with a soft mouthfeel. A hint of chinese five spice. A bit monolithic but great fruit attack.

Finish: A respectable 30 seconds and no drying tannins. Very nice. B+

Overall Impressions: A very nice Cali Cab. Not a tannic monster that needs a lifetime in the cellar. Could easily hold for a few years but lacks the tannin backbone and acidity that would reward long dark days in the cellar.

I wish I could purchase more than two bottles of this. It's one of the better second lables around and the price is very good, especially when compared to the regular bottling.

I would give this an easy 93 GA Points. Drink now until 2008.
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I drank a bottle of this back in February and in general agree with your impression. I decanted for 3 hours and we drank the bottle over the next 4 hours.

However the bottle I tasted was very structured with stronger tannins, good underlying acidity and fruit that took a backseat. In fact the remaining glass that I left for the next day was barely opening up.

Based on my experience and knowing how Mike's wines age, I think this wine will be drinking better in 5 - 10 years.
I really wouldn't liken this to any other second wine. This wasn’t created to sell inferior wine, but more to satisfy a need or desire if you will. Herb prefers a balanced wine, not a blockbuster style that’s in fashion these days. He wouldn’t take anything away from his mailing list and would prefer to drink a wine to match his palate. The EII represents his preferred style, not what the critics are requesting. Look at the label… It's Herb and his dog on the porch. I'm sure he can't imagine it much better. Smile

I've had this wine twice and honestly, this is what I like to take to dinner. It's full of flavor and personality but also compliments food instead of dominating your meal.

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