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2001 Fisher Napa Cabernet Sauvignon Coach Insignia, $62.99, 14.3% alc.: A deep, dark garnet, almost opaque in color, this includes some Merlot, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc in its composition, and exudes a fragrant perfume of pure Cabernet fruit reminiscent of black currant, cassis and black berry, all with a judicious kiss of oak. The rich flavors follow through with surprisingly soft tannins (especially after having the ’92 Fisher Wedding Vineyard only a few nights before) on a medium – full to full – bodied frame; subtle undertones of earth, spice and tobacco add some interest and complexity, and as it continues to open, it sweetens up some. Undeniably delicious, this is a solid Napa Cab that does everything it’s supposed to, and will continue to do so over at least the next five to eight years. Still, it seems to lack the depth and nuance of the ’92 Wedding, as well as the intangibles that make a “great” Cabernet, and thus worthy of the price of admission.

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Thanks, geo!

I've had many of the wines in Fisher's lineup (including the terrific Wedding) but I've not had a bottle of Coach Insignia Cab (I think I did taste it once in a large tasting, but I have little recollection of that event) and I've been thinking about getting an '01 to try.

I have a question, though. When you refer to "price of admission" of great Cabs, are you saying this is not worth the $63 or are you saying that it is clear why the Wedding costs so much more?


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