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This is the last in the series of the latest Ridge Zinfandel Blend offerings. In the last week I have tried the Geyserville, Pagani Ranch and now this York Creek.

75% Zinfandel, 25% Petite Syrah. Alcohol 15.8%. Initial sugar at harvest 27.8% Residual sugar in the wine 0.7%.

Color: Deep rich purple.

Nose: This one had a rich and jammy nose. A lot more expressive than the previous two sampled.

Tasting: Lots of sweetness. Not as sweet as the 1999 but the sugar is definitely in there. A bit of muted spice comes through as well.

Finish: Some spice and that’s about it.

Overall I was not as impressed with this one as the Geyserville or the Pagani Ranch. I found it to be rather simple without a lot of depth. It is well made and has no major flaws it just doesn’t have anything that would attract me to buy more. I have one more bottle I will save for a dark and stormy night. Well, as dark and stormy as it gets in SoCal.

GA points: 86
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