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Had to do it....

Dark ruby red in color. Very young, and more closed in than what I remember from release last year. On the nose...No sign of TCA. Crushed juicy cranberry, sweet red cherry, cassis, mint and leather. On the palate, notes of red cherry, vanillin, cassis, new saddle leather, sage/mint, and sweet earth. Medium bodied, lots of fresh acid, and firm tannin. Lacking midpalate presence and a bit short in the finish. This needs at least 5-8 more years to get more approachable. NO TCA on the palate. Not worth $100, but this is a very ageworthy well wrought wine that should be nice with food in time. 90+ pts. for me.


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DRAB, had one of mine a few months back; also tasted at the winery last month and my notes are very similar to your's. Low 90s+ effort in my book. Very tight right now, IMO.

An excellent wine in a tough vintage. The wine was not flawed in the least bit. It just needs a little time to improve. Paid $60 on futures--we'll see in a few years if it was worth it.
yep, they have the estate with gold trim an now called a napa cab(was there cuvee)i like the cuvee for an everday wine.thats just me.
thanks for the note will ley my sit.oh i drank a bottle of the 2001 laube was way off on the pts. i gave it 88pts for now. reminded me of some of the 99s he gave 94pts
when they first came out!!! a 20pts swing from his barrel tasting!!!????

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