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More from my "Mourvedre's around the world" tour. The "Old Garden" is in the Barossa Valley and was planted in 1853-54. It's said to be the oldest surviving Mourvedre vineyard in the world.

Opened about 1 hour before serving, and given my recent run with Aussie wines, decanted.

Turned out to not be needed, as this one was clear and sediment free. Full red color, deep with an almost blue tinge which I see from time to time in richer examples of this grape.

Aroma of chocolate, plum and slight floral wiff. Not a full bodied wine, which surprised me some, given it's old vine pedigree. Fruit dominated with plum and blackberry. Some notes of meat, and leather, with a little bit of spice on the finish. A very smooth wine, but I thought it lacked a bit on the finish. Round ripe tannins, I don't think this is an ager, better enjoyed now, would be perfect with a spicy pasta dish, or summer bbq.

Overall a 87-89

PS Thanks for the encouragement on posting Mourvedre notes. Next up will be Old Telegram or Rosenblums Continente Vineyard, which we'll likely do side by side with the Zinfandel from the same vineyard.
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Yes...keep posting, and I'll keep my eyes out for these to read.

Bought my first Mourevedre a couple weeks back, a 1999 Cline. I had a sip of this one back during my July trip to Sonoma and Napa, and it was definitely unique. I look forward to a more concentrated tasting further down the line.

Thank you,
Mark, N.H.

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