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I found a bottle of this on sale recently for $10 so I bought it to open as an everyday drinker. I think it normally sells for about $25-30. This wine was poured at the WS Grand Tour by Foley Estates in Chicago last year but I did not get a chance to try it. Jcubed tried it though and put it on his list of top picks from the Grand Tour.

This wine was a nice deep dark red color. I did not decant it. Rich and concentrated and extremely fruit forward. Typical of many California Pinot Noir but not very represntative of the pinot Noir grape in my opinion. Bright cherry, boysenberry and strawberry notes. The tannins were still a little harsh and this wine had a fuller body. Nice full mouth finish. 87-88 points.

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I opened a botle of this last night, after quickly consuming a bottle of '01 Testarossa Bien Nacido PN (also from Santa Maria).

In comparison, the Foley came off as tight, harsh, and rugged. A more concentrated and focused style, to be sure, but also deficient in fruit level. Loved the '99 (at around 91P), but this '00 was disappointing. 84P.


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