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Matched this wine with penne pasta with italian sausage and ****take mushrooms.

This is traditional producer of CdP. The father and daughter team (Paul and Laurence Ferand) produced an exquisite CdP for 2000. They are proteges of the great Henri Bonneau where their wines exhibit a terrific "richness" after two yrs. aging in foudres.

For 2000, this is athe best CdP I have tasted so far. The '00 CdP Cuvee Reservee (a blend of 75% Grenache, 20% Syrah, & 5% Misc. varietals) has an outstanding BALANCE exhibited by a "tight" profile of roasted meats, pepper, and fruit. The level of glycerin is incredible. I will "hold" my other bottles for 5 yrs. before uncorking another. Wow! I am glad there are other beauties resting in my cellar from this Domaine. Score = 95. Highly recommended.

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An amazing wine, drinking beautifully already, which will only get better as the young syrah white pepper notes recede a bit. Even more amazing, I found this on a restaurant wine list for $38 last week. My cellar supply was bought between $35 and $44 retail, but will sleep for at least 5 more years before I start bringing them out. In the meantime, I'll be eating at my new favorite restaurant twice a week until the supply runs out.

if you find any, and don't buy all for yourself, let me know or better yet, put some aside for me. i'll gladly take 3-4. i was at binny's naperville yesterday and don't recall that CdP, and i looked thru the lot. i've got ceramic tile problems this week, otherwise i'd get to prestige or armanetti to take a look. i may still do that.
fantastic wine which is completely and utterly youthful to open. Gained much depth after some time on the table. Anyone get Brussel Sprouts on the nose. I laughed when I thought this, but the forumite who brought this the other night mentioned that his friend noticed the same thing. Strange but true, but what a fantastic drink. Will search for this one and leave it alone (perhaps the way I have my Neal Family-lol)
2000 Domaine du Pégaü Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Réservée - France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-Pape (12/27/2008)

Took this bottle to the Beachhouse Restaurant on Kauai with Haggis and our wives. 2nd time I have had this. This has really opened up in the last 3 years. A little bit of classic Rhone funk on the nose at first. Aropmas of bitter red fruit. Purple red color. Moderately tannic. This wine was filled with wet loam and a very earthy texture. Notes og red currant, plum and coffee. Full bodied with a long finish. Excellent. Could still use some time in the bottle though. Another 5 years will do this wine very well. 94 points.

This was excellent! Thanks, VM, for bringing this along. VM left in my wine cooler in Honolulu and asked me to bring it along to Kaua'i when we met up again. I almost "forgot" to bring it Big Grin

Wonderful aromas of earth, mushroom, dark plum, and hints of mocha. Just a delight. But, as VM says, this would benefit from another several years in the back of the cellar. 92-93.

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