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From Dry Creek in Sonoma. Purchased from the winery for around $30.

Rafanelli is consistently one of my favorite zins, and the 2000 is a solid effort. Not a home run, but a line-drive double to the gap.

As usual, the wine is well-crafted and proportioned. Black cherry and plum fruit. Earthy with clove and nutmeg spices gliding in the background. Some bittersweet chocolate notes. Full-bodied and smooth, with dusty tannins on the finish. Lacking a little excitement, but a comfortable old friend kind of wine. Drink now through 2005. 88P.



"The judge said 5 to 10, but I said double that again. I'm not working for the Clampdown" - Joe Strummer
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It sounds like my impressions that I posted on my A. Rafanelli visit (and zin) are similars to yours. Did not purchase the 2 bottle limits of the zin. Bought the one bottle limit of the 1999 merlot instead. Good consistent juice year in and year out, but I think it is slighly lower in quality than previous vintages.


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