• 1999 Andrew Will Sorella - USA, Washington (4/4/2009)
    pop and pour. Blackberry juice on the nose - slight amount of heat that faded after the first glass - a little earthyness with plum.

    good legs, dark color - no bricking.

    taste - blackberry, black cherry, dark fruits with a splash of sweet peppers (very minimal) and cedar.

    long finish - 20+ seconds. I can still taste blackberry juice and its been over a minute since my last sip. Tannins are resolved this is at peak. (93 pts.)

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[Quote by Redhawk]

Thanks. I will have to try one of mine. They have been sleeping for some time now. This was really shut down a few years back. [Quote]

I concurr. I was disappointed when I opened one of these at an offline a few years ago. Sounds like it's time open my last.

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