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1996 Condado de Haza Ribera del Duero Crianza - Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero (2/22/2006)
What has happened to this wine. When I first opened a bottle in 2002 it was a wonderful wine worth the 92 points given to it by WS. Then I opened one last year with some CWM and it was very different. Underbrush is what I noted at the time. There was something wrong with that bottle. Some thought it was cooked; but, that would not explain why the 1st bottle was so good. This estate has had a problem with tainted corks in the past and I was leaning toward that as an explanation.

Over the weekend I opened another bottle for R2 and Lostverse. This time the wine was very stinky altough it blew off a little with decanting. Aromas of the elephant house at Brookfield Zoo. Heavily sedimented. More earthy and less fruity. Not bad tasting but it was hard to get past the nose and cloudiness. Drink up if you have any. 84 points.

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My sentiments exactly.

I believe at the time I had bought 2 bottles. I opened one on purchase in 1998 and I can remember how densely packed with flavour and mouth puckering tannins it showed. I kept the other bottle until 2003 and when I opened it, it was a sour cherry mess with no real character, very faded and high acidity with no fruit. Was this the same wine? Very disappointing indeed as I had high hopes based on the 1st tasting.

To my recollection, the 1996(1st)was the best Haza I've had so far.
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Just had this tonight. It had a brick color to be expected with its age, but the nose was very barnyard. VM's description of the elephant house at the Brooklyn Zoo sounds pretty close to me. Luckily, the taste was not as pronounced as the nose, but still beyond normal earthiness. After sipping the first glass, I thought it should be better with food. Was having lasagna, but the barnyard flavors came through even the tomato sauce. There was also not enough fruit left to match the tannins, but the finish was only 20-30 seconds. Sounds like others experienced the same, though mine had limited (1/2 tspn) sediment. 81 points.
1996 Condado de Haza Ribera del Duero Crianza - Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero (6/21/2010)

This was the last of the 4 bottles I bought back in 2000. Opened on Father's Day with marinated sirloin and chicken shishkabobs at our house. After 2 disappointing bottles, this wine finally shown the qualities that the first bottle had. No brett or skunky aroma. Some bricking in this 14 year old wine. Round texture and moderate tannins. Notes of berries, blueberry pie, cinnamon and a fine minerality. Showing complexity on the finish. Drink now. 91 points.


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