• 1995 E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie Brune et Blonde - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, Côte-Rôtie (9/18/2005)
    Medium ruby with some amber. Beautiful nose of red cherries and flowers (if smelled blind, I would have sworn it was a pinot noir!!!???). Medium bodied, sharp acidity. It lacked more in the mid palate and a longer finish, although the nose made it worthwhile. This is the best bottle of this wine I've had, with the other 3 having been overly acidic and lacking fruit. (88 pts.)
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Thanks for posting Board O. I have 4 more bottles of this, but your diagnosis puzzles me a bit given my lack of extensive experience with Northern Rhone wines:

Isn't it a telltale evidence of a closed (i.e. "shut down") wine the absence of an expressive nose? This wine had a beautiful nose.

How about acidity? Does it get absorbed or balanced out with time? I thought the palate change that comes with age is more along the lines of oak absorption and softening of tannin, not reduction of acidity perception.

Finally, this is a low tier Cote Rotie with 10 years of age. I would expect it to be in its midlife, not in infancy.

The nose and palate are often disjointed when a wine is closed. This common with Rhones. I've had this wine from a number oif different vintages and from a good year, it often needs 15+ years to open. The fact that is lacking fruit is not at all alarming. Fruit seems to arise from the dead when a good Rhone matures.

Also, I don't know that I'd call it a low tier. It's not a top echelon Cote-Rotie, but this wine from very good years is usually outstanding. It's a great QPR for Cote-Rotie.
If it needs 15+ years in a good vintage this is great. I have a '90 that I plan to open soon.
Hope I'll get a good surprise Smile
Arie, I've had only a few 1990 Rhones so far, though I own plenty of them. This is a very long-lived vintage. It sounds like you have only one of these. If so, I'd wait 2 or 3 years longer. I'm betting you're going to love this wine.
Anyone had this recently? This is one of the options for dinner on Friday, along with the 86-88, 90, 92-97. I was wondering what vintage might be the best option at this point. I've had a few older Rhones before that were incredible, but I don't have a big background of knowledge of these wines. Any input would be nice.
I had a magnum of the 1998 a year ago and it was totally shut down. I had the 2001 at the winery in Ampuis in 2003 and it was fresh and delicious on release. I think this wine would go through a dumb phase after release based on my experience with it.
Originally posted by bfor:
ArieS, was that the 90 or 95 that was shot?
No matter which one, it's a bummer, but was curious.

It was the '90.

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