From the Minivertical tasting hosted by Grossie and his wife on Saturday in honor of Pyangs visit to the Windy City.

There was a consistent style running through all 4 of these wines. They all had a similar weedy underbrush flavor to them but it was not a negative at all.

1995- Old world style. Notes of currant and tart bing cherry. Firm tannins. This wine seemed to show signs of opening up. 91.

1996- Less fruity than the 1995 and not as open. Deli meat nose. Notes of lead pencil. 89-90.

1997- The lightest of the 4 wines in this group. Black fruit and licorice notes. Medium bodied. 88.

1999- Powerful and definitely the most tannic of the bunch. This wine grips your tongue and squeezes. Some cherry notes but most of the fruit is hidden. Very hard to score so I will give it a wide range. 88-92.


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Thanks VM-

I'm drinking the 96 right now. The nose is lovely and powerful, pencil shavings and cassis. The palate has weight, with good acidity and still a lot of tannin. I like this, but I think it needs about 5-10 more years. 89pts, and it'll probably mature very well.

I had the 97 earlier- similar but less powerful nose, the body was lacking. It's drinking about as well as it will, there's a lack of acid and low tannins. 86pts.

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I'm a fan of this wine. Thanks for the notes. I'm glad you agree on the 99. I've seen and argued a lot of postings on this forum saying how lovely the 99 is drinking and I have felt that it is not ready at all to drink. I think it drinks ok but not great and that it is a waste to approach it right now given the potential.
Took a few sips of these between swings of the wiffle bat and could not discern much difference between any of them. I'm sure they were much more expressive of their individuality the next day.

Cannot rate, but the chateau seems like a nice value wine for the region.


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My first experience with Chateau d'Armailhac and found them quite enjoyable. I only had '95 and '99 but they are wines that I will keep an eye out for.

I think this is one of the flights I missed, or had during wiffleball, which translates into didn't pay attention to the wines.

Here is the question, I can pick up the '97 for $14 + tax a piece. Buy or pass?

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