40 hours decanted.

Heavy uncouth thick, rich dark black peppered blue berries with a hint of black licorice in the back. A beautiful dark chocolate finish of 45 seconds. This is a monster of a port.

What the hell happened at our tasting?!?!

I would say 40 hours of decant is perfect for this port

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I would say 40 hours of decant is perfect for this port

Or 40 more years in the cellar! Wink Big Grin

Thanks for the notes. You were smart to decant for so long. I have several of these but after tasting 1994 Taylor, Fonseca and Warre, I decided to let them sleep until at least 2014, if not 2024. All of these top 94s seem to be big monster ports.
actually, we had it opened for 6 hours I believe, and it was medium bodied, raisiny and disjointed. hardly the blockbuster we expected, so I took it home with expectation of making some spaghetti bolognes but forgot and tried it 2 days later and noticed a huge change =)
italianwino posted:

 Has anyone had this 1994 vintage port recently? A friend of mine is opening it in the next few days 

I have, and was disappointed.  It's too young, IMHO, but then I prefer my ports fully aged, especially the big boys from top vintages.  If you must drink it now, I suggest a loooooooooooong decant as per the notes above.  At least a full day.

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