TN: 1989 Chateau Sociando Mallet (Haut Medoc)

I didn't see a dedicated tasting note thread for this wine so I figured I would start one.

Decanted for sediment then poured. Just starting to brown at the edges. On the nose, this wine is very young smelling. Lots of dark fruits and berries with some cedar as well as a hint of eucalyptus. On the palate there is ample fruit concentration with well balanced acidity and tannin. On the palate this wine again is youthful in its fruit and packs a pucker on the finish.

The 89 Sociando smells, looks and tastes like a wine at least 5 years younger than the stated vintage. This is tremendous quality/price ratio and it beat out several more prestigious wines at this particular tasting including both the 1989 and 1990 Cos d'Estournel! Last year, I had a 1996 Sociando that also was my wine of the night.

Affordable Bordeaux that is really well made and has the stuffing to age! That's convincing enough for me to plunk down some cash on 2010's.
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Got a few of these at the last Vintages auction. Have to say that I was underwhelmed.

Tobacco and lavender on the nose.

I tasted cherry popsicle stick, sour cherry, pencil lead, rosemary and black tea.

Way better with food.

Good, but I expected more from such an famous vintage. That said, I'm not exactly an expert on bordeaux, and true bordeaux-lovers would probably like it better than me.

I score this 89 points,

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