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Another note here.

Bottle in fantastic condition. Popped and poured. Very light color. This has a killer nose. Very complex and interesting... Worth sitting and sniffing for a while. Unfortunately not as strong in the mouth, otherwise would have been one of the best wines I had this year. Still very solid and pleasing. Better than the 1981 and 1987 I had recently. Delicious and still going strong. Elegant.
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Originally posted by shavez:
This is one of my favourite producers...the 1991 Tondonia Gran Reserva I had a couple of weeks ago may just be my wine of the year. I look forward to trying some older vintages next year...

I have a 1991 Bosconia Gran Reserva. I hope it is excellent, too. That'll mark the end of my Heredia line-up, though.

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