1978 Taltarni Cabernet Sauvignon - Australia, Victoria, Pyrenees (7/15/2005)
This was an experience. Mark Horvatich brought this to Haggis' home yesterday for one of his monthly happy hours. Mark said that he bought this a while back for about $50 per case (did I get that right?). It had been stored in someones basement for 15-20 years under less that ideal conditions before he bought it. This was his last bottle that he just recently found. A solid red color without any signs of bricking. This wine was holing up very well. The alcohol was listed as 11-14%. It threw a heavy sediment. Not overly fruity (as expected); but, it exhibited some wonderful secondary flavors of raw meat, provencal herbs and fresh mushroom. Silky texture and very smooth. I actually liked this better than the 1991 Montelena Estate Cab which was poured blind later in the night. 91-92 points.

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This bottle was the last from a purchase made a few years ago -- I bought a case each of '78 Taltarni cab and '79 Taltarni shiraz for $100.

I thought it was fascinating how the wine evolved over a couple hours. At first it tasted like old CalCab (nothing special, of interest mainly because it was still alive), but with air it became much more complex and sweet, and it started to resemble old Bordeaux.

I don't believe Clos Du Val owns Taltarni (maybe that has changed recently), but there is a connection: the owners of Taltarni and Clos Du Val are brothers.

Always a treat to try older vintages. Thanks, Mark. Cool

I really enoyed the musty "grandma's basement" nose that, with swirling, revealed interesting notes of anise, blackberries, and shoe polish. Still plenty of tannin and a decent amount of fruit left in this one. I liked it better when first opened, rather than later in the night. 89P


This was a treat. At first, nice nose of leather and some cedar. As VM says, fruit was lacking owing to age, but was not completely gone. I can imagine that a few years ago this would have been a solid 92+ wine. BTW: this is from a spot in Victoria I'm not familiar with: Moonamber.
The area is Moonambel, which is in the Pyrenees wine region in central Victoria. Other wineries close by are Dalwhinnie (best winery in the region IMO) and Summerfield. The Pyrenees is also close to the Grampians region - Mount Langhi Ghiran being the most well known winery there. Shiraz is the variety the region is most well known for(surprise, surprise), though cabernet can perform very well.

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