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1976 Maison Leroy Beaune 1er cru
Dark ruby color with only a hint of bricking, very youthful appearance. Nose of earth and cherry...still. Palate shows earthy, mineral, iron notes with elixer of dark cherry and still some tannins to resolve, 31 years old and this is not going downhill anytime soon.

1976 Maison Leroy Beaune 1er cre Les Greves
Even more youthful color, hint of amber that is all. Somewhat more intense nose of earth and cow urine with dark cherry. Palate is showing French dirt but intense fruit is still present and some grip. This is actually not fully mature, imho and will develop for more years.

I have been most pleased with well stored bottles of 1976 Maison bottlings from Madam at Leroy.


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