I bought this wine recently for $70 and took it to Las Vegas over the weekend. It was purchased upon release by Franco Fiorina and stored in his cellars in Alba until recently when a number of his wines were sold off. The bottle was still in the paper and the label, capsule and fill level were excellent. The cork was also in fine condition but a bit stubborn. We eventually got it out in 2 pieces. 1967 was an excellent vintage in Piedmont.

I took this bottle and a 1988 Marchesi di Barolo Grande Annate Barolo Riserva to dinner at an Italian restaurant with Pinot Envy, HighDesertWine and our spouses. What a contrast between these 2 Baroli.

I decanted this bottle about an hour before we drank it to get rid of the above average amount of sediment. It was a brownish orange color. No mistaking this wine for a recent vintage from the nose. Aromas of smoke, mushroom compost and barnyard. Very earthy and with notes of liver pate, strawberry and spices. The wine had a real mustiness to it and you could almost taste the mold from the cellar walls. A real experience. You must like this style of wine to enjoy it. Still medium bodied with a good length finish. I thought it held up very well the next day. 89-90 points.

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I thought I would add one more comment to this wine. You cannot judge a wine like this only by its score. As those of you who have opened a 30, 40 or 50 year old bottle know, the experience is truly one of a kind and the enjoyment you get out of it goes beyond the mere quality of the wine consumed.


Your comment about points hits on one of my basic "point issues" / themes. A drum I've beat a few times before.

It would seem that for "points" to be meaningful, they must somehow equate to enjoyment. Yet I will frequently find that I prefer drinking some 91 or 92 point wines over wines that are rated higher.

I just had this conversation with LaTour the other night. Often the comparatively inexpensive, "great value", wines that score a 93 or 94 leave me very disappointed. Solanera is one in particular that comes to mind. I don't really disagree with the rating: It is rich, and flavorful, and really cheap. But I just don't enjoy the wine.

So I guess the question is this: If we aren't rating enjoyment, or put another way, if higher ratings don't equate to higher levels of enjoyment, then what is the value of a rating? Oppositely, if a wine is very enjoyable for its uniqueness, why should it not be rated higher, reflecting the level of enjoyment that it is capable of producing?

That's a long-winded way of saying "I agree with you."

Vino Me left the best part out;
At the restaurant where we were dining, an older Italian man (who I'm certain left the old country 50+ years ago) strolls around with a slightly out of tune guitar and serenades guests with song. He still has a VERY thick accent and when he sang, you heard the song of a man who at one time had a strong and melodic voice. Well, he spent a considerable amount of time at our table and after a bit we shared a glass of this 1967 Barolo. He graciously GULPED down his glass in two long drinks (no analytical sips for Luigi), reminded me of how my grandfather and my Dad drank wine. He closed his eyes, put his hand to his heart and with his thick southern Italian tongue said, "thank you, you have shared the greatest gift with me, and for that I thank you, grazie"
I swear, we were all moved, I had a tear in my eye and goose bumps.
As I was holding this amber liquid in scrutiny and comparing it to petroleum, I watched a man who tasted the history and heart of the country he loved.
So, Vino Me, for me, this was indeed a lesson well deserved.

"From wine what sudden friendship springs!"
Pale ruby/orange colour with substantial bricking. Initially a little funky on the nose, but opened up with some air. Aromas of balsamico, leather, dried flowers, old wood, mushroom/forest floor, and cherry. Medium-bodied, fully resolved tannins. Soft in the mouth, but still has some structure. Replays from nose on the palate. Short-moderate finish, 20-25s. Nice wine, but not quite up to the 1978. Drink now if you have any in the cellar. 86 points (06/18/2005).

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