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Well the much anticipated gathering of my M&F in law and B&S in law with me and my wife to share in this beauty was a resounding success.

Opened at 10am and quickly decanted for sediment and crumbled cork. The aroma filled the room with a plethora of aromas ranging from iris at peak ripeness to freshly baked strawberry/rhubarb pie. There was half an inch of mudlike sediment at the bottom (stood up for 9 months). After carefully pouring into the decanter I took a small s ip to see if it was hot. It was an incredible one ounce sip of hedonistic fruit. Poured the port back into the cleaned bottle and capped off. Get to my families house at 1pm and opened and my MIL said the aroma is filling up the room. Initially poured about 2 ounces for the six of us and told everyone to just smell this before you taste. I asked everyone to describe the nose. My MIL put together a beautiful display of cheeses, dried fruits, nuts and crackers and toast points. Before trying the cheeses we were all in awe of the taste and finish of this port. My main flavors were chocolate, baked raspberry pie, and bright cherries. This port also has an inner core of spices. The seamless integration of fruit, acid and tannin is monumental. This is is the 2nd time trying this port in my lifetime and it still stands as the greatest port I have had. I will now search for the '45 Croft to see if it surpasses this. What sets this port apart from others is the finish. I timed it and it lasted 95 seconds. It coats the asophogus(sp?) like a warm blanket. If you swirl the port in your mouth you get an explosion of fruit and velvety tannin that forces you to smile. The color of this wine was ruby with very little bricking. The cheeses served were:

1. Ovinsardo sheepsmilk blue
2. Drunken goat
3. Cypress Grove Midnight Noon
4. Idiazabel
5. Brie Belletoile 70
6. Belle Moral
Along with Gaeta olives and Marcona almonds. Plus my MIL homemade brownie bites.

This wine will drink well for years to come, but if you have it why wait? 99pts. I would have it given it a 100 but the cork was a pain in the a**. My current WOTY. Bravo!!!!

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Originally posted by Italian Wino:

It was you that got me looking for the '45 Croft. I found a place that has it, but at $700 out of our price range. I would pay mid $400s but I prob will not find it at that price

at auction, in passing it does very rarely pass around the 400s, however I can assure you, that you'd be bidding against me =)
1963 Fonseca Porto Vintage - Portugal, Douro, Porto (4/27/2013)

Opened for my 50th birthday party. Bought this 10 years ago from Sam's for $224 who got it directly from the winery. Heavily sedimented. The cork crumbled a little but not badly. Hints of orange in the brownish red color. Clearly shows the refinement and elegance that only an aged Port can. Some cedar, mulberry, currant and blackberry notes. Going strong with a nice grip on the finish. Well balanced. 98 points


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