TN: 08 Screaming Eagle Second Flight

What better time than now to test drive this one. What is Screagle's interpretation of the merlot varietal? Rather than give a tasting note, I'll provide a DIY home recipe so that you might have the opportunity to make your own:

6oz raspberries
2oz ultra ripe strawberries
2oz blueberries
3oz heavy whipping cream
1oz coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1oz rubbing alcohol
2oz ice (for dilution purposes)

Place all ingredients into blender and blend on medium for 20 seconds. Pour and enjoy.

Taster's Opinion: Enjoyable fun drink for either cold winter nights or an evenings at your local steak house. Goes well with ribeye or as a dessert beverage with creme brulee topped with berries. Worth the price?? No sir but a fun glass of merlot. Suggested retail price per glass at said steak house.......$9.00-12.00.
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Originally posted by spo:
You know we have a tasting note section, right? Razz

Sound like a good wine if it wasn't for the rubbing alchohol. Smile

Sorry. I had no clue. Maybe the moderator could relocate this and the last few TN's I posted to the correct forum unless there's an easy way for me to do it. Thanks for the head's up.
Originally posted by EB Wine:
I think I can explain...correct me if I'm wrong thenapalist...

On erobertparker you post TNs in the wine talk section, whereas here it's broken out.

Actually, both ebob and WB have TN's posted to Wine Talk. I'll make the necessary adjustment should I post more notes.

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