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Hadn't seen any on the shelves in a while, and when I did I picked up a couple to taste-test.

Deep ruby to purple, extremely leggy - almost viscous. Huge notes of crushed blackberries, licorice, pepper, and toasty oak that soften w/air time. Big, bold palate - blackberry, blueberry, spice, sweet raspberry, bittersweet chocolate, and dusky herbs. Massive now, but balanced.

Lots of fruit + lots of acid + lots of EtoH = lots of time. 91-92 pts., now; I'll lay another 5-6 down for the long haul 'cuz these are going to be beautiful in about 5 yrs.
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Hi Kybo, what's been going on?

Glad to see your notes on the '02 Angeli, as it has just shown up here. Seems to be running around $28.
I still have a few of the '01's in the cellar; how would you compare the two?

Who knows, perhaps one of these days we can meet at an 'offline' or something, as we are in the same basic neck of the woods!


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