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Tasted this last night to see if I wanted to make the jump before the secondary market puts it up at $100+/btl.

Deep dark blood red/black in color. Densely perfumed nose of sweet black cherry liquer, white flowers, blackberry pie, and maple. On the palate, rich flavors of black cherry and blackberry pie, cherry liquer, macadamia nut, rich milk chocolate, vanillin, and mocha. I was anticipating the typical Lewis over-toasted heavy oak with monster tannin, lots of coffee and mocha flavors, but this is a very well balanced wine! Lots of fruit, and the perfect amount of oak. Moderate silky sweet tannin with low acid. This is a very lush wine. It continued to blossom throughout the 3 hours I sipped on it. Still have half the bottle to try tonight. Will report back. 95 pts. solid. The best Lewis Cab. I've had yet. I like it better than the '01.


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Night 2:

I'm really impressed with this wine. No sign of slowing down whatsoever. Half the bottle has been kept in my kitchen with no gas or vacuuming. The fruit has pulled back just a tad letting the acids and tannins show through a bit more right now. The nose of this wine TOTALLY reminds me of the '98 Lafleur I had a few months ago, but on steroids. Very perfumey and intoxicating. Excellent structure to this wine. Every bit deserving of WS's hype.
How long did you decant it/let it sit?

I found it to gain in complexity and harmony with some air. And, to a large degree I will agree with's "somewhat" one dimensional/cookie cutter. That's why I didn't go further than 95 pts. It has a fantastic frontal and midpalate attack, but lacks in an unfolding of layers and flavors like a Harlan or a Hillside Select. I did not get ANY heat on the wine at all. And actually was quite impressed with the 14.2% alcohol. I'm not much of a fan of wines over 14.5% for that reason (although some mask it well). For me, I found this to be classic new world cab., but what was most impressive to me was the aromatics, balance and structure along with the quality and depth of fruit. Complexity, to a certain degree, is the only sector this lacked in (which is a big one for me).


I was fortunate enough to find some of this wine and tried a bottle Sunday at Bouchon. The wine was decanted and sat for about 2 hours or so before being served. If I had been served this wine blind, I probably would have guessed it was a 2001 Syrah from Pride, it was that big. The sweetness and fruit were nicely balanced against a melange of spice, warm toasty oak, and firm tannins. Unfortunately, this bottle was #5 in the line up, but despite that it made a great impression on those at our table (and the waitstaff, who were kind enough to bring us a glass of 1981 Stag's Leap Petite Sirah, which was wonderful).

I liked it alot, but then again I'm a Behrens and Hitchcock fan WinkHowever, I believe this wine is a stylistic departure for Lewis, as it tastes like no other young Lewis Cab I have ever had before. Well done! Cool
Have anyone had a chance to have the 02 Lewis reserve yet. I recently purchased three bottles. I have not had the regular 02 bottling yet, but I have long been a fan of Lewis wines, since the 97 cuvee. I saw that the barrel tasting on the reserve was 92-94(JS) Is it possible for the reserve to get a lower rating than the regular bottling? In my past experiences the Lewis reserve has always been a step above. Does anyone know when the Reserve will be rated?
Is it possible for the reserve to get a lower rating than the regular bottling?

A few things....1st...anything is possible. 2nd...I've had the reserve bottling a few times now, and for me, it's definitely better than the regular. I'd say the regular is a solid 94 pt'er, and the reserve is a solid 96 pt'er. Also...the barrel score would have been 92-94 JL not JS. And, I actually had the pleasure of having this wine with JL at Pyang's house not too long ago. From what I gathered, he was not as impressed with it as he was with the regular bottling. I could be wrong, he didn't specifically say that, but I wouldn't be surprised if the reserve scores lower.
I guess you called it right. I saw that the reserve got a 93. I tried the reserve the other night and I thought it was fantastic. I have not had the regular bottling yet. I live in Baton Rouge and nobody carries it around here. Could you recommend to me where I might be able to get a reasonably priced bottle or two over the internet?
I know that ratings aren't everything, but I have to admit that the rating bothered me, considering the price difference between the two. I have to try the regular bottling now.
Does it often happen where a regular bottling gets a higher rating than the reserve?
When/where did the score come out for it?

Sometimes I feel as though Laube is trying to make a point rather that simply being completely objective. His point here is that the consumer doesn't necessarily have to buy into the theory of the "reserve" is all that much better. Especially when most of the time there is a significant price difference. I personally, once again, don't see the logic here. I've had these wines side by side and the reserve is CLEARLY the winner but, this is a subjective hobby, so it's not impossible for one to like the regular more.... Confused
DRAB it came out today in the new Insider. 93 pts.

Lewis wines are wonderfull drinkers. I have yet to have a bad wine from them. In fact, last time I was up in Napa and had dinner with DRAB at Neal I brought a 97 Lewis Reserve. I really enjoy all their wines and look forward to how they progress. The only wine from them I have bought and have yet to try is the Alec's Blend. What did you think of that DRAB ?

Larry, I checked winesearcher for you and the only place I saw them was on winebid for $130 each. You can get the reserve at K & L for 89.99. I know it is waaaaay sold out at the winery.
2002 Lewis Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley (2/16/2007)

This was opened at an LA offline at Pinot Envy's house. Can't t recall who brought it. Firm tannins that could have used some decanting to open a little more. Full bodied. Notes of cassis, coffee, dark chocolate and black cherry. Concentrated style with oak showing itself on the finish. 92 points.


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