I finished off the bottle tonight (Thurs.). I have been sipping it since Mon. night when I opened it with Pyang for dinner.

Still no signs of oxidation. This sucker is going to RULE!! When we opened this on Monday there were lots of smoky, creosote, blueberry, black cherry liquer, cedar wood, and anise flavors/aromas. The wine is dark blood red/black in color. Much of the same dominated throughout the week. Tonight the wine was still showing it's broad structure of firm tannin and moderate acids, but the flavors just continue to harmonize. Dark red roses, black cherry, and bitter chocolate on the nose, with a touch of smoke which seems to have blown off quite a bit since day one. On the palate were long, smoother, and intense flavors of black cherry liquer, anise, bitter chocolate, cedar, wet earth, coffe grounds, and wet stone. Very pure with tremendous body and intensity. This wine is built for a long ride and is incredibly well balanced. I'm happy to own more! 96+ pts. for me.

Of course...what do I know. I probably just blew my money on a fantastic wine drinking/educational experience, and since I'm not a "real" critic, I probably didn't really experience all that I wrote about above. Fortunately nobody is paying for my opinion, so take it for what it's worth (which isn't much more than an opinion).



So much wine.....so little time!!!
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Usually the defensive rants follow a criticism. The new tactic is now a pre-emptive strike. Big Grin

Just one more sip.

I had it about a month ago at a tasting of 2000 Bordeaux's. Black, thick and closed nose as I recall. It was the biggest of the 20+ wines I tried that day. Black fruit, minerals and more oak, with a bit of camphor that I put up to being so extracted. It needed a lot of swirl to open in the glass at all.

I pegged this as a 30 year+ wine drink 2020-2040, so passed on it. I'm trying not to buy too much wine for my nephews to enjoy in their middle age Wink 92-94 IMHO.

Santa Cruz Mountains Vintage Chart
It was very hard to pass up, took lots of discipline at $79.95

P "Should we get some?"
S "You think it needs 30 years?"
P "yes"
S "You said you were not going to buy any wines that needed that long"
P "But it's a good price"
S "Buy 2 of the Mas Dumas Gassac we can have this summer instead."

Santa Cruz Mountains Vintage Chart
took lots of discipline

Yeah, right, tlily. When my wife says "NO" and I obey, it's not discipline, it's the fear of it. WinkBig Grin

Make Cab, not War.

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