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Several weeks ago I took my family to dinner and had a wonderful experience with the sommelier. Spent approx $100 on wine.
The next day I realized that I had forgot to tip him. I'm taking my wife back to the same place next Friday; what should I do about tipping? I'd like to make up for the one I missed. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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Sorry for asking what might be considered a dumb question, but how does one tip the sommelier?

Since the restaurants that I go to give me a credit card bill with one tip line, are you talking about slipping the sommelier something on the side (Say that last part 5 times fast)?

Most restaurants work on pooled tips these days. Does the sommelier partake in the pooled tips? Since you are tipping a percentage of the entire dinner (including wine), doesn't that take care of the sommelier?
Rothko, I have had a few times in my life when the Somm truly earned something in return, like pulling special wines not on the list. (I always inquire what is not on the list at special places)

I always tip in cash with a simple handshake at the end of the evening. In Europe, I always tip everyone in cash at special restaurants.

A recent glorious trip to Bern's, we had the best Somm I have had in the States. All four of us gave him a $100 each for his personal service.

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